Reviews for "kill the popups"

Killing The Pop-Ups or Senseless Clicking?

First off I'm not going to judge you on animation due to the fact that these are just pop-ups. Well for one thing there is hardly any flair here at all. It's just windows screen's with plain text, all the text is the same, the color for all the screens is the same as well. The messages some were funny, but I think you could've put more effort into making this flash game stand out. As for the controls they worked superbly well, however I thought I'd be killing the pop-ups by just merely clicking on them, but I had to click the [X] box. It makes sense, but a little indication would've been nice. The sound is nothing but the song "Kill The Pop-Ups" over and over and over again. It's a nice choice of song for this game, and one that could be used for the title screen, but while playing this game hearing that song over and over and over just drove me crazy. A great concept, but poor execution, I'd like to see you take another try at this game.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Controls
*Good Sound
*Great Concept
*Okay Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Bad Artwork
*Same Song Over and Over Is Annoying


Wow, even though this was a quite crapp game, it was hilarious, and totally realistic. I still laugh at the blue screen.


if there was only a online high score page


That was a great game, I killed 121.

i like the music

i hate the rest XD