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Reviews for "Elixir of Love"

I love the way your music reaches right in to my soul and gently caresses my heart strings. Each song has real emotion and feeling....you know the famous line ''strumming my pain with his fingers..''?...you definitely have that talent although certainly with piano keys not strings. Truly wonderful.

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks Cheryl x

Epic! little soothing song made me take a trip to the dreamland, where I've met some many lost thoughts, made my pain go away remembering the innocence of the past, truly a song for 5 Starts for thinkers and writers like me, to appreciate music to think, to meditate on the Past, contemplate the Now and plan the Future, listening and appreciating a mysterious, but relaxing rythm.

I just wished it could have been more than 2:50 Minutes.

MarkySpark responds:

You could always click on the loop option my friend :-)

Beautiful song my friend 5 stars just what i needed after a hard break up

MarkySpark responds:

After a few weeks you will wonder why you were sad. I had my break up this year and I feel great now. You think they are the only one for you, but they are not..... many many await.

Was this built off of an improv that you did? :P Nice work man! The louder note at :40 was a little uneasy for me and abrupt, but other than that, I liked the song a lot! nice work man

MarkySpark responds:

Yes, most of all my work are improv's that take some form.

How.. Soothing..
Makes me feel calm, controled, and gentle..
The Elixir of Love...
Such beauty...

Kdaza26 out!