Reviews for "Mastermind v2.0"

Really "Animated"

It would look good in an animation, but in this design, Mastermind design has become his character. What made his personality seem so funny was how serious, evil, and devious he looked, then, when you actual heard him, he was a complete idiot. Here, you have his design matching his personality, making it somewhat predictable.

This kind of reminds of what they did to (Crash Bandicoot) Tiny the Tiger (not exactly but similar). His name said Tiny, but he looked like a rabid tiger, ferocious, and evil, completely contradicting his name, then from "Crash of the Titans" onward, Tiny's design now looks like a tiger, wearing an army outfit, with a prissy little voice, making him one of those homosexual army men, therefore destroying him, nobody likes the new tiny, nobody.

So in this case, instead of contradicting the name with the appearance, leaving some humor, (for Tiny) this new design of mastermind completely destroys the mystery within his appearance, which makes him funny.

I personally think you should keep it the way it is, I actually find it more funny that since the characters look so damn serious.

Don't get me wrong the design is good, but it wouldn't the best idea to change it with the current, more familiar one.

Awesome Job,


I love the way this looks, but as the series goes I think you should continue doing it how you've been doing it. As a previous poster said that the great thing about Mastermind was that he looked evil, and serious, and generally a well mastermind, but you actually find out he's really stupid. So matching an appearance to his personality would be a little predictable and not as funny.
The picture itself is wonderful and I love it. :]

oh yeah!

cant say much since im a too big fan of M.M. its funny to see the over -the-top megalomaniac getting toonified, though i miss the old realistic look

*suggestion* :add an army of Minions all lined up in the background that would rock!


In my opinion this mastermind looks way to muscular and fighter like. His name says "mind" after all. This guy could be current mastermind's bodyguard. Main point here would be the the sixpack and his chest.

The girl looks promising though.

Mastermind vs. Mastermight

Exploring your own creations is always a good idea, and it helps to broaden the perspective of the concept. This is a really nice art style and the characters are well drawn, and the coloring and the shading are of course well done without objection for the chosen art style. By the looks of it "Femme Fatality" does her name justice and suits well into the MM concept but the Mastermind himself is quite comically portrayed.

I really enjoy the art and animation style that you already have in the Mastermind series. This Mastermind version conveys a "more brawns than brains" presence and his gigantic hands could probably break rocks and squeeze skulls like bad fruit while frightening everyone around him with that insane expression that gives the impression of that the guy's mentally unstable and can freak out any moment, and that is kind of taking away that unique charisma the original has, but this version is more humorous instead.

The original Mastermind is intimidating through the look of his well built body, his calm and calculating facial expression that hints of an evil genius, and with his dark and commanding voice you really get impressed with the guy, and when it comes down to business he's nothing but an egocentric idiot and only sits there in his chair while bullying his own underlings for amusement, and still he has an army of loyal soldiers that follows him, and sometimes I wonder if he is just eccentric and bored. This is what I believe that makes the series so damn amusing and special.

It is a nice doodle nonetheless!