Reviews for "Mastermind v2.0"

I agree with HuntersMoon.....

but no way does this deserve only a 5. It's at the very least a 9 and that's only because I like your previous rendition of Mastermind better. He looks so menacing yet he says all of this stupid and inane stuff. Fucking hilarious man!! When do you plan on releasing another episode anyway?

The-Swain responds:

It's just a doodle (though finished), if for nothing else I'd give it a five on effort <3


It's not bad but it does not look like the movies at all plus if its supposed to be V2 why does it look worse.

he looks through rose-coloured glasses, that one.

its always good to dick with perfection, as long as you return to it at some point. i think the mastermind art has really benefitted from its sharp angularity, looked alot slicker, like comics of olde wished they could be with vector's fresh colours. you could probably get away with simplifying their designs if you lost the curves in this one. on the picture's own though, its pretty cool.

I don't like the Mastermind's legs

Femme Fatality looks acceptably stylized to me, but that iteration of The Mastermind seems a little too much. I guess that I'm kind of a stickler for the rules, and I happen to think that your Mastermind style circa MM 4 is right where I like it. I shouldn't tell you not to experiment, though. Actually, the legs are really where I draw the line, and from the waste up I like it well enough. Impeccable in the execution, as always.

Please keep the old style.

This mastermind looks too cartoonish. He lacks the intimidation the original had and changes find impressions from fear to laughing.

The-Swain responds:

Pfft, you fight him then and see who wins :(