Reviews for "Mastermind v2.0"


I love the way this looks, but as the series goes I think you should continue doing it how you've been doing it. As a previous poster said that the great thing about Mastermind was that he looked evil, and serious, and generally a well mastermind, but you actually find out he's really stupid. So matching an appearance to his personality would be a little predictable and not as funny.
The picture itself is wonderful and I love it. :]

Really "Animated"

It would look good in an animation, but in this design, Mastermind design has become his character. What made his personality seem so funny was how serious, evil, and devious he looked, then, when you actual heard him, he was a complete idiot. Here, you have his design matching his personality, making it somewhat predictable.

This kind of reminds of what they did to (Crash Bandicoot) Tiny the Tiger (not exactly but similar). His name said Tiny, but he looked like a rabid tiger, ferocious, and evil, completely contradicting his name, then from "Crash of the Titans" onward, Tiny's design now looks like a tiger, wearing an army outfit, with a prissy little voice, making him one of those homosexual army men, therefore destroying him, nobody likes the new tiny, nobody.

So in this case, instead of contradicting the name with the appearance, leaving some humor, (for Tiny) this new design of mastermind completely destroys the mystery within his appearance, which makes him funny.

I personally think you should keep it the way it is, I actually find it more funny that since the characters look so damn serious.

Don't get me wrong the design is good, but it wouldn't the best idea to change it with the current, more familiar one.

Awesome Job,

he looks through rose-coloured glasses, that one.

its always good to dick with perfection, as long as you return to it at some point. i think the mastermind art has really benefitted from its sharp angularity, looked alot slicker, like comics of olde wished they could be with vector's fresh colours. you could probably get away with simplifying their designs if you lost the curves in this one. on the picture's own though, its pretty cool.

I don't like the Mastermind's legs

Femme Fatality looks acceptably stylized to me, but that iteration of The Mastermind seems a little too much. I guess that I'm kind of a stickler for the rules, and I happen to think that your Mastermind style circa MM 4 is right where I like it. I shouldn't tell you not to experiment, though. Actually, the legs are really where I draw the line, and from the waste up I like it well enough. Impeccable in the execution, as always.


I want to make this the background on my phone, but i must say Masterminds form is total out of proportion, it might be the reason he so wants to kill everyone cause at any moment his knee's will buckle and he is jealous over it.

The-Swain responds:

I agree that he's top-heavy, but I thought that was his brain.