Reviews for "Mastermind v2.0"

oh yeah!

cant say much since im a too big fan of M.M. its funny to see the over -the-top megalomaniac getting toonified, though i miss the old realistic look

*suggestion* :add an army of Minions all lined up in the background that would rock!

Could work if it was fully polished.

If it doesn't go -too- over the top it could maintain the stylish feel with a bit more humoristic art style. I approve

I agree with HuntersMoon.....

but no way does this deserve only a 5. It's at the very least a 9 and that's only because I like your previous rendition of Mastermind better. He looks so menacing yet he says all of this stupid and inane stuff. Fucking hilarious man!! When do you plan on releasing another episode anyway?

The-Swain responds:

It's just a doodle (though finished), if for nothing else I'd give it a five on effort <3

i like it

very cartoony and alive.

The-Swain responds:


Please keep the old style.

This mastermind looks too cartoonish. He lacks the intimidation the original had and changes find impressions from fear to laughing.

The-Swain responds:

Pfft, you fight him then and see who wins :(