Reviews for "Vegeta "YES!!!!""

I really like it.

As far as animation is concerned GREAT. I liked the Vegeta voice actor, also. This was by no means a bad flash in the comedy area. The timing was just wrong. If those commercials were still airing this would have been hysterical.

As a matter of fact I'm fairly sure that multiple movies parodied that commercial but it was a lot funnier because the commercials were modern.

Something that might have been more effective. Geico Gecko or Caveman; Alltel Chad, this is just a few in that same area.

You had the write idea though. I love your videos.


not my favorite but the ending was the best part

It was ok.

Animation wise it was quite alright though despite a couple of Vegeta drawings there wasn't much to animate.

It was slightly funny, but DBZ slapstick is something that's been severly overdone.


This is really funny. Like one of those verison commercials. Genuinley awesome. Even though I ain't much for Dragon Ball or any of that stuff, this was hilarious. Although based off what I've seen and heard, that voice was just a little of Vegeta's voice.



GREAT FLASH BRO, 5/5 10/10. It was too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! ~XD~XD~XD~XD~XD~XD