Reviews for "No Internet (bocodamondo)"


i pass for this
The PC from grandfather
this is bot cool

I'm rating this, based on the fact it was your first animation. If this wasn't your first, it would get 2 stars. Since it is your first, here is what makes me say 4 stars:
5 Stars, minus:
Quality is bad. -0.5 stars
LOTS of audio static. -0.5 stars
Other than that, great for first animation.


world without internet... haha

Not bad.

For your first flash, it was pretty good, actually. There are still stuff you should improve, though. You should add a preloader in the beginning of the movie, you can find tutorials here on Newgrounds. Also, the sound quality would've been better. And for last, the video itself is kinda blurry, so you must be doing something a bit differently. But overall, it was good for your first flash though. Keep it up!

bocodamondo responds:

thanks for the tipp next time i do it
but episode 2 is done i gonne make that with 'preloader' in episode 3 ^^


ok ill be honest with you, it sucked ALOT, but i wont just leave you with that here is whats wrong with it

1. the sound quality was absolutely HORRIBLE , it hurt my ears it was so bad, every time you spoke or made a noise there was tons of static behind it
2.Broken English, I'm sure that your native language isn't English so i wont bash on that, just pointing it out
3.you voice acting lacked emotion, it sounded monotone and droning
4. your animation needed work, but since its your first flash its ok, no one does it perfect the first try

that about sums it up on what i think, its your first flash so that means that you can only improve =)