Reviews for "Age of the Anteater"

Crazy Cakes!

that was cool! i like the music too it and you got an interesting use of border color. great job!^__^

Gerkinman responds:

Why thank you

Very good

Captivating animation style. Very well done. 10/10

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks :)

holy crap

ok... a few things... one
1. i heard that beginning song with the trumpets in a ver. of around the world in eighty days.
2. what the hell... genre: sports... that's kinda funny. Oo.
the scene with the anteater walking with the gun (sadly i cant tell what cind of Bstick it is if it's a Bstick at all)

ps for all u guntards out there... a Bstick is a boom-stick which is a shotgun which is a kinda gun that shoots little tiny pellets in a spray form so that you don't miss... also will blow your head off if fired at close range... XP

Gerkinman responds:

1. I havent seen the original or the new version of that film, read the book tho, a good read.
2. I didnt know i had put it under sports, i better go fix that.


See this is what happens when we capture poor defenseless creatures.
They rip your face off take over the world and learn how to use guns...and that's not good...
Nice animation made me chuckle =P


This was a great short, i loved it. Well made.