Reviews for "Age of the Anteater"

That was awesome.

The music was a really big help. Then again, so was my bong, but whatever.

Really nice short.

Gerkinman responds:

You sound like my kinda guy.


Very well done.


Cute animation and good selection of music.


You are a genius, my good sir

Gerkinman responds:

Id say i like to think so but that wouldnt be very modest of me.

this could be next big series!

Awesome art work... The songs you pick reminds me of ren and stempy (good times) The violence was great and the main cart. looks great too... You going to do any voice acting? or just going to be silent? Keep up the great work... I hope you make a series out of this dude! Also i love to see a background story on the main guy.... =)

Gerkinman responds:

Yeh, the song was used in Ren and Stimpy a few times, but its hella old. I doubt it will become a series, it was more of a one shot experiment.