Reviews for "Age of the Anteater"

Har Har

I love the concept and the expressions, you really get to know and love that anteater. Nice music choice playa'

Gerkinman responds:

Nice choice of cartoon to review.


Nice mixture of audio and video. You did a great job on this, but it's kinda short, so I can't really give you a 10. Thus, a 9.

Gerkinman responds:

I like to keep things short, means i can quickly hop onto the next short.


I'm pretty sure it's called Hall of the Mountain King

Gerkinman responds:



What is the name of the song??????????

Gerkinman responds:

Hall of the mountain king.

holy crap

ok... a few things... one
1. i heard that beginning song with the trumpets in a ver. of around the world in eighty days.
2. what the hell... genre: sports... that's kinda funny. Oo.
the scene with the anteater walking with the gun (sadly i cant tell what cind of Bstick it is if it's a Bstick at all)

ps for all u guntards out there... a Bstick is a boom-stick which is a shotgun which is a kinda gun that shoots little tiny pellets in a spray form so that you don't miss... also will blow your head off if fired at close range... XP

Gerkinman responds:

1. I havent seen the original or the new version of that film, read the book tho, a good read.
2. I didnt know i had put it under sports, i better go fix that.