Reviews for "Age of the Anteater"


there is a opaque point, but i do like the Edvard Grieg music.

so what happeneds

does he anteater rule the city with his animal army or just get taken out in combat?


This was a great short, i loved it. Well made.

Great short...

MaN, That animation is simple and too short, but it is great.Nothing too deep or to funny, but its ok there, it dont deserves a 10\10 because of whole video, but the music is really awsome,and was a nice pick to the video, the graphics are simple,looks like a violent cartoon.Well, it really good for a short.

That's just my opinion, Hugs, Kaio.


See this is what happens when we capture poor defenseless creatures.
They rip your face off take over the world and learn how to use guns...and that's not good...
Nice animation made me chuckle =P