Reviews for "Russian Roulette"

I did stop and dance!

Sweet song. I like your previous works as well. Keep kicking out them jams!

NemesisTheory responds:

Good! I like people who aren't afraid to start dancing outta nowhere.

I'm glad you liked it, and good to hear you like the other stuff too! And I shall. :)

Haha! Nice job man.

This is definitely what I'll be listening to next time I play Russian Roulette.


hmmm iv been making trance for some years now, heres a pointer for this track: lovely as it is, its a little bland. with most trance tracks, artist try to throw in as much as they possibly can:

all id recommend is some more powerful VST's for the chorus tune. i love the drum beat and bass line, with the guitar, it fits together nicely :)

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree it's a little bland. I'll try sprucing up some of the VST's like you said next time I venture into this kind of thing.

like it

the breakdown especially

NemesisTheory responds:

Glad you dug it. :D

I wonder...

...if I'll ever be capable of creating music such as yours. I'm a beginner, lol.

Very good!