Reviews for "Russian Roulette"

Oldie Is BACK!

for some reason i remember this song was taken off for a while (or i just couldn't find it), and i can't remember if i left a comment back when it was on and it got trashed or i just never left one... but if i did it would be something like this...

DIS is a KICK ASS SONG! i absolutly luv the strings, they give the song so much flavor, green spicy Hawt sauce typ'o'deal. i heart dis song, and always will

infact it inspired a song i made, not nearly as magnificant as dis one

tanks for being a Dj!!


i'm usualy not a big fan of this type of music but this song changed my opinion,nice job on the song pretty cool

i must indeed say...

i danced...alot...

OHHHH, I'm dancin...

The name already sounded like it was epic. I was right.


Russian Roulette is a perfect title for this song.
Wanted always to give a review here , so I decided to create an account to rate some of the awesome ones^^
Excellent Job 10/10 (5/5)

(I'm sorry for my bad english)