Reviews for "Russian Roulette"

Haha! Nice job man.

This is definitely what I'll be listening to next time I play Russian Roulette.

Ummm.... D:

People started staring at me really weird... I felt awkward...

Oh well, it was worth the dance. Nice tune dude(tte :P) Keep up the awesome work


i'm usualy not a big fan of this type of music but this song changed my opinion,nice job on the song pretty cool

Blown away...

Was digging through all your other submissions after making a review a week ago and happened to stumble upon this piece. No words could put it to justice but if oyu had to ask me... "It took my breath away!" Awesome work once again, i take my hat off to you, and keep it up I eagerly await listening to anything new you put out! Voted 5!


Once again, you've outdone yourself! The only thing I found bad about it was the crash cymbal. I've seen it in FL myself, and I don't use it because of its strange sound and sudden halt instead of echoing or resonating. My advice for you is to pick another crash cymbal from the FPC folder in Packs. Other than the cymbal, this is incredible.