Reviews for "Russian Roulette"

wHAt ThE

CAnt stop danceoing fucking up writreing woot woot

BOSS tune mate my head still wont stop bounceing

Oldie Is BACK!

for some reason i remember this song was taken off for a while (or i just couldn't find it), and i can't remember if i left a comment back when it was on and it got trashed or i just never left one... but if i did it would be something like this...

DIS is a KICK ASS SONG! i absolutly luv the strings, they give the song so much flavor, green spicy Hawt sauce typ'o'deal. i heart dis song, and always will

infact it inspired a song i made, not nearly as magnificant as dis one

tanks for being a Dj!!


:: Pros ::
Good structure.
Sweet guitar thing.
Sweet pads.
Sweet music.
Sweet build ups.

:: Cons :: (imo)
Crashes were a tiny bit loud when it did that little transition fill.

This was a cool song. A nice style that i've never really heard before. Had like a rock-ish guitar-ish sound too it which was really cool for trance. That breakdown at 0:48 was awesome :) ... I love the guitar throughout the song. Percussion and all was good too. Nice job :)

Have a nice day.



HOLY FFFFFFFFFF****************

I did stop and dance!

Sweet song. I like your previous works as well. Keep kicking out them jams!

NemesisTheory responds:

Good! I like people who aren't afraid to start dancing outta nowhere.

I'm glad you liked it, and good to hear you like the other stuff too! And I shall. :)