Reviews for "Russian Roulette"

Ningtingale method failed, *spam trump card*, all in on 1 side! VICTOREH

I normally don't

but for a rare time indeed, I actually love this kind of music. You are a kick ass musician. As for Codyray1992, raise da roof!

Stop what I'm doing and start dancing?

Speak and I obey.
Any requests as to what dance?

No talk! Play!

I liked the addition of the synth guitar (I think that was it, don't quote me on that), that gave it a stronger feel for me. The orchestral breakdown at about 50 seconds was an unexpected, yet enjoyable change of pace.

Rating:5 (+0.00075)

Nice work!

I like the semi-dramatic instruments (what are those? Horns? Strings?) and that guitar at 1:16 and 3:20. It seemed a little empty in the middle, though. I would add a more distinct and varied melody in the middle on top of everything.