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Reviews for "Day Dreamer Dan"

Great story

HE WAS SO CLOSE TO THE SUN, and the teacher broke it up. Great story-line dude.
better than what I've seen lately. Alot better. MAKE SOME MORE!!!


I liked this a lot, it had me flashing back to my younger years in school, staring up at the sky wishing I could fly away and dreaming the class periods away, and it was fun to think back to those days. Great film.

Great little story

I did that a lot in elementary school, lol. So much trouble :D

Loved the simplicity of the music - one acoustic guitar.


Quite a job you've done, creating something so childlike yet entertaining.

he'll never reach the suuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

NEVAH! hahaha. nice touch. i thought he'd be getting to the sun by the time the school became a spaceship but rawr the bell rang. haha. :)