Reviews for "Facebook Reality"

woahahahahhaha gahagah

hahah omgs this is so funny!!! i love their laugh lol!

you forgot

hahahaha wuld ulik 2 play gat apps where we shoot people and drink there blud?


(like those dumb gay games apps lol)

overplayed and over done.

I have never really seen an original video by you. It's always had to do with some sort of pop culture, and it gets me sick to my stomach. Plus the fact that you idolize yourself in the beginning of your flashes. You've done an "awesome" movie, and you've done a facebook flash, a fanboy flash.
You are much better than me at flash, but I really would just like to see you make your own thing.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

it gets you sick to your stomach.... SO DONT WATCH IT AGAIN xD

wow cool

best my facebook is too strong


That was probably the funniest video I have watched. And probably because I am having a conversation over facebook right now. As I type this, this very second...