Reviews for "Facebook Reality"


yeah this is so how facebook is like. i have GOT to show this to my friends on facebook

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I love these two! awesome. good job.

this video is true lol

i belive that facebook will mindcontrol people and then the people that are not joined to facebook will be forced to make a facebook account. My parent's also made a facebook account and my grandma and... OMG it's taking over my family!!!!!!!!


i am going to give you a drink you cannot drink . :[ i dislike your status..if only there was a way.and torotuo dont be an ass.its not like some1 else made this for him,and this idea hasent even been used that much.besides,this was made 2 months ago,way before some of them


I dislike your status ... if only there was an option LOLZ !!
awsome :!!!