Reviews for "Facebook Reality"

hate facebook go to myspace!

people dont go to facebook becauase thats for low lives go to myspace its petter yes indeed that is all

its true

myspace is awsome!!!

kinda like, jerry jackson

its really good though, like the lip syncing

Nice Work!!

I also agree that the people on Facebook don't really have anything to do. There's no way that a person can have 500 friends that hang out with them in real life. I feel like Facebook is that anti-thesis to social networking. It should be renamed the Anti-social network.

I think I'm going to delete my account on Facebook soon just because I don't even log on every week. I usually try my best to see how long I can NOT login to facebook. My record for having an account is 3 months. Facebook is useless other than to steal your personal information and give it to companies so they can track you down.


apparently you can download a dislike button if you search it on google but i dont know if you can still do it