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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"

That crazy ole Mr.Broose

I found his carefree psychopathic rampage quite refreshing. You win the internetz...for now!

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score. I'm pleased.
There will be further tidbits for your enjoyment!

P.S. I wish I'd win the internetz... for once!
I'll keep trying.

Pretty dang funny

Despite it's sadistic nature, it's a guilty laff.

Simple but quite witty, too.

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score. I'm glad you "get it". I'm working on another episode.


This is hilarious.. now though, you face your greatest challenge... produce a broose series... without it getting boring.. keep him as a killing machine but somehow come up with new ways of killing people and putting slight ammounts of plot here and there.. eg. "Mr. Broose gets a job" or "Mr. Broose goes back to college"

ZILLIS responds:

Well, now... "Mr. Broose gets a job" sounds so immediately familiar...
Thanks for the support.

Good first shot

i wasn't optimistic at first since the charcaters were just sketched, but it was very funny and worth watching.

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score. I'm glad you found it funny!