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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"


heh heh heh heh heh heh that was funny! LOL "stop killing people!" "stop living!!" {bang boom machine gun fire}lol

ZILLIS responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm working on another episode so keep yer eyes peeled.


can you make a porno of this?

ZILLIS responds:

Mr. Broose and the oo people are asexual beings. Sorry.

good but bad

well here's the deal
you did a great job with:

but it wasn't funny at all if that's what you were trying to go for. It was really unoriginal and predictable. The 'punchlines' were also pretty lame. It seems like everyone now adays is making flashes of pointless slaughter and it's almost unbearble to keep watching these.

ZILLIS responds:

Frankly, I'm torn between being happy that so many NGers love it and pleasantly surprised that many are hungry for more tasteful content!
Keep and eye out for me. I am unpredictable.


I liked two things about this flash, it was short, and it had decent voicework. Other than that, I wish to join the chorus of those who also thought the flash pointless and random. Still, if it was meant as as exercise/experiment to build your skills(and also based on someting you drew as a kid), I can't blame you for getting front page.
I expected Mr.Broose to rape the two (supposedly) female characters in this flash. Will ou be submitting any more of your volent masterpieces?

ZILLIS responds:

Yes, I intend to upload more masterpieces of all kinds. I'm just getting my toes wet here.
Honesty is appreciated by me!

honest review

violence in flash is ok
violence used for humor is ok
but be aware of comedic timing
and also try to incorporate irony, and plot
violence alone will never work
violence with orchestrated thought will prevail

ZILLIS responds:

This is just a string of dumb jokes, and you don't get it. But that's ok. We can't all like the same things.