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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"


where have i seen this b4

ZILLIS responds:

It's on youtube. Maybe you saw it there or it could have been embedded somewhere else.
Thanks for the score.


What a wonderful Flash! The animation was incredibly smooth and it was very funny! 5/5 and 10/10
Take care!

ZILLIS responds:

Wonderful, huh? Did you notice the obscene violence? I'm just kidding.
I'm glad you liked it. Of course I've gotten some very negative reviews here and there though.
It's so funny to see one person using the word "wonderful" to describe it while some are telling me it's disgusting. Can't please everybody!
Thanks for the scores and compliments!

Great job

i hope you make a next episode.

Current Score: 3.69 / 5.00 (+ 0.0039)

ZILLIS responds:

I'm working on it. Thanks for the scores and compliments.


it was punchlie after punchline. kinda like a seinfield sitcom. ha, jokes were good, the execution sometimes felt a bit delayed though y'know?

ZILLIS responds:

Maybe I should work more on the timing for the next one.
Thanks for the score!

Sick but very well made!

your flash reminded me of the old cartoons you seen on Boomerang..
but with a sick twisted humor
it made me smile, you don't see many flashes like this
keep them coming guy

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks very much for the score and encouragement. I'm glad it made you smile.