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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"

This cartoon has no personality to speak of.

I would think it's difficult to make HALF a stick figure and some squiggles look and sound fleshed out.

I was watching this and from a glance it would probably look like absolute crap but when you actually watch it...

The scene where Mr.Broose falls over laughing and mean to catch his breath.
Every instance in voice clip is choreographed onto Mr.Broose in a very intentional and very vivid way.

With that said refer to the title of this review.

ZILLIS responds:

A mixed review to be sure. I think there was a compliment or two in there. Thanks for you comments, sir.

Nice work

This is awesome. the animation and physics are top-notch. The art looks little plain, but still works. Sounds are a nice touch.
Only downside is that... well, it's nothing more than killing people. Which is fine, however does not have any depth. But I expect that if you make this a series, it's gonna get better :D good job

ZILLIS responds:

I'm glad your expectations are high. I hope I continue to meet them.
Thanks for the score and the compliments!


Did you really draw this as a kid? Wow...

From a cold, objective point of view:

The animation was good, I like your interesting style
It was overall really smooth
The sound was nice.

However, it was a little bit morally twisted for me. Maybe I do not understand your style, however it made me quite sad and depressed.

I'm probably looking at it from an incorrect angle.

ZILLIS responds:

Yes, Mr. Broose has existed in my mind and doodles for a long mofo time.
You definitely are looking at it from an incorrect angle. While on it's face, Mr. Broose is meant to be a representation, dare I say the very embodiment of sick and twisted entertainment - it is also a take no prisoners social commentary on our culture's fascination with violent imagery and mindless entertainment. Also it speaks to the passivity of our culture, poking fun at the fact that we are acutely aware of how out of control society is but act as if we are safe in our little fantasy world until we are confronted with it - and then it's too late.
It is, after all, just a joke. But I think the people who find it funny recognize and accept the absurdity of life in a way that those who find it obscene and insulting do not.
Thanks for the great score!

My review.

I dont want to be one of those 0 i just didnt like it kids so im going to explain. First off i realy liked your voice, it was very clear and nice. I didnt realy laugh watching that and do you realy think its funny just killing people brutally, well if it wasnt for the kid, who got stabbed and the missing storyline (storyline? sorry i mean total nonsense). I would have given it about a 7, but the graphics arent all too good and as i already said it made no sense and wasnt funny.
There can be flash movies which can make no sense, but are still funny.
There can be flash movies which have a plot/storyline, but arent funny.
Well your flash didnt hit any of those types of flash. So im still going to overrate it and give you a 5. I hope your good with that and try to make something better next time, yes? Thank you!

ZILLIS responds:

First of all - and most importantly - I do intend to try and make something better. Maybe a couple more episodes of Mr. Broose to sharpen my animation skills at first, but eventually I absolutely plan on doing better than this.
Second, thanks for "overrating" it. I'm guessing you mean to take into consideration that it's my first flash project, so you're cutting me some slack.
Third, I wish to point out that you should realize that you're critique is your opinion and you're opinion is in the minority here. And don't go thinking that this is strictly prepubescent fodder. I can tell you, I myself am sometimes shocked at the variety of people who burst into laughter at these absurd "jokes".
And finally, I respect people's opinions and try to learn from them. Especially when expressed intelligently. I'v only gotten 2 hater type reviews out of 60 so far, so that makes me feel good about the NG community.


that was crazy and he still does not have any friends......

ZILLIS responds:

No friends - he's a loner for sure.
Thanks for the score!