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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"


Reminds me of Happy Noodle boy for whatever odd reason...

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for... uh... Thanks for a 7.
7 is good.
(i respond all reviews)


I found it to be a little bland. Any jokes that were in there didnt really make me laugh. I dont mind that the cartoon was twisted, hell, I'm up for all twisted cartoons... but this one just didnt strike me as funny. The only good thing about this cartoon for me was the animation, how well everything flowed together. The voice acting was... well... alright, I guess.

ZILLIS responds:

Well, you are entitled to your opinion, and I definitely understand not being a big fan of things that most people like - but ahh... you're in the minority here (luckily for me). Thanks for the compliments about the animation.


Great animation and voice acting. But I don't know why the file size is 7.4 MB for a black and white cartoon.

ZILLIS responds:

I'm new to Flash. I don't know what I'm doing. I exported the audio raw because every time I exported mp3, it was out of sync. I brought the jpg quality down a little (I made the whole thing in Flash, so are there any jpgs?) When I saw it was 7.4, I said "That's under 10, so good enough for NG!"
Besides, there is lots of red - hehehe.
Thanks for the score and compliments.


Your twisted man. This was awesome in the weidest way.
"I don't want any friends!" LOL

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score. I am not twisted. The voices are.

this is funny in a messed up kinda way lol

it makes you see what the world really is.

ZILLIS responds:

Yep. You gotta be ready for anything out there! Thanks for the score!