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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"

:O my hero


ZILLIS responds:

Glad you like it. Thanks for the score!

Not too bad!

I liked it, it was simple and kinda silly, but funny in a weird cathartic way. How did he become to be such a bastard though? Is that just his nature? :P

ZILLIS responds:

I have thought about developing his childhood and all - but all I can say is that he just represents a bully.
Even though (or maybe because) I was a bully bag as a kid, there's something interesting in the idea of a charismatic personality bullying everyone. So that's all it is.
The other side of the question is: Will he ever meet his match?
Thanks for the score.

wow odd

wow usually i cant concentrait on anything cause of my add but for some strange reoson i didnt lose track of this movie

ZILLIS responds:

That's very interesting. Thanks for the score!

he he he

he booted her right in the cunt. i like the animation it runs smooth, i just didnt really like the way the characters where drawn, but thats just personal taste. good job

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score. You like cunt kickers, huh?

I couldn't resist that one - but in all reality, the little oo people do not have sexual organs. They are just imaginary balloon people. I feel I have to practice defending myself against those who take this shit too seriously.


if only it was that easy to get away with. but seriously, who needs friends?

ZILLIS responds:

Thanks for the score! Everybody needs friends. Who better to kill?