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Reviews for "Mr. Broose"


I have to admit - I did find this quite funny.
It was Mr. Broose's attitude that did it mainly; he's so positive about everything that he does.
I laughed when the police car exploded and there was a funny little sound effect played.
Animation was good too.

BUT, it's just a bit too violent for me. I don't get overly disturbed by violence, but this made me a bit uncomfortable and I couldn't wholly enjoy the cartoon. Like when he hit that girl in the eye I felt like my eye was popping out too.

However, the end line was comedy gold.

So, well done on a damn funny cartoon.

ZILLIS responds:

You may have scored me a little down wind, but I'll take that review any day.
Would it have worked if the violence was completely different? No. This needs the violence for it to make any sense at all - so I just went as far as I could go. I want to animate. So the physics of things hitting each other and causing fluid to run was the whole justification for my finishing it.

Plus, I thought people would laugh and enjoy it. Even if it is a bit uncomfortable...
Thanks for the compliments.

Never talk to a stranger.

...and thats way you must NEVER talk to a stager... especially a mad-weird-psychopath-killer-that-to-p rison-multiple-times.

nice idea on that video

ZILLIS responds:

Yes, I like the way you summed up one of the themes - and that is" trust vs. fear". The oo people don't know how to fear. They never had a Mr. Broose in their community. They're hopeless...
Thanks for the compliment.


u should make more of these and make em really long :D cuz to be honest i could watch this for like 6 hours without getting bored

ZILLIS responds:

I only plan on making 2 or 3 more. But, who knows... muah-ha-ha-ahaa...
Thanks for the score!


Awesome. Simply awesome.

ZILLIS responds:

I agree. Haw!

Thanks for the score!

Oh mah good god!

Make more, or I will rape you.

ZILLIS responds:

no. teeheeheeheheeee...

Thanks for the score.