Reviews for "Mr. Broose"

It wasnt that violent people..

I thought it was pretty funny, but people are like omg I got a nightmare. It was mildy violent and kinda hilarious. Good Job :)

ZILLIS responds:

C'mon, folks. We're talking about balloon people here.
Haw Haw!
Thanks for the score!

EDIT - hey let's give 'em some credit. Maybe they're just having fun with it.
(speaking as the proud creator)


loved it... every bit of it. besides i think your voice acting kicks ass (it sounds like a mobster from the 1920s).

ZILLIS responds:

Wow. Now that's a compliment. Thanks for the score.

ZILLIS is at it again

I did not like it at all. I did not think it was funny, just vulgar and the story was nothing more then a long drawn out killing spree. Violence for violence sake is not funny no matter how many sound FX you use.

ZILLIS responds:

There is no doubt in my mind that you're points are valid, but i have an 8.39 avereage of 113 scores.
I guess validity only goes so far in this crazy mixed up world.

Hey, it gave me a nightmare!

So, I suppose it succeeded in one thing.

But as it was a physics text, i have to say you did an extremely good job. The bullets, the blood, the body parts, the holes in people, excellent work.

It's very gruesome (but hey it's Newgrounds) but the only thing that bothered me was the people faces as they died.... it kinda disturbed me.

Good job, sir, hope to see more, maybe less violent things in the future.

ZILLIS responds:

You have no idea what a compliment that is.
I'm speaking as an animator - not a crazy person :P
Thanks for the score.

everything is wrong with this lol

good work but like it pretty sad at the same time but i liked it

ZILLIS responds:

Yeah, it's meant to get your attention.
Thanks for the score.