Reviews for "Mr. Broose"


Remember that kid a few years ago who posted an animation of some guy shooting a bunch of people then killing himself? Then he went and shot up his school then killed himself? And everyone was like, "Why didn't anyone see the warning signs in his cartoon?" and got all weepy and shit? Well if this doesn't end with me seeing this video on the news I'll be very sad.

ZILLIS responds:

I think there was a sick joke in there somewhere...

How could you say such a thing?


lol wow

I give it a ten for the evil laugh, it was hillarious, i give it a zero for no story, but then what good would newgrounds be if everyone's videos made sence right?

ZILLIS responds:

Yeah, I can understand - and appreciate the desire for a good story. I hope to deliver the goods at some point.
Thanks for the score!


That was a rather tastless movie and i think more should be done to make it....less tasteless

ZILLIS responds:

Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board...

.......What the hell.

Yeah, I know viollence can be hilarious in a lot of ways, and they're just baloon people or Mister and Misses potatoes here but it was just pointless violence, keyword "Pointless". Not a single drop of story, yay! Frontpage. Mace86 also made you bring an interesting fact too... Your average score, but do keep in mind who's the average person that votes high scores.

ZILLIS responds:

I sure tried hard to make this a pointless series of pointless, vulgar gags. I can't help but agree with you, except that some people (young and old alike) get a twisted kick out of it.

and about who the scores ARE coming from - you mean my target audience?
Yeah, I think I'm doing ok for my first flash. I envision Mr. Broose as the poster boy for pointless, violent entertainment.

The jokes on them because it's just an exploitation of their twisted fascination.
This cartoon mocks everything. And that can be annoying.

A reflection of the violence today

Its like an abridged version of the violence that already exists in the world today.
I didn't have a problem with this because these sort of things already happen, like how I had how a man walking in an alley saw a little girl playing in her back yard and jumped the fence and tried to rape her (she was saved though) but those things really happen, so all this people who are complaining about this should get off their high horses and go change the world for the better. The violence is happening out there this animation was created by an artist who has drawn inspiration from his surroundings.
Anyway the sound was magnificent and the animation was incredibly smooth.
And my favorite part was when the old lady calls him a disgrace and he gets that annoyed look.

ZILLIS responds:

What they don't realize is that the joke is on them. It's sort of about them. I probably didn't make it clear in this video, but it's supposed to be mocking sensitive people.
Well, that's one of it's themes anyway...
Thanks for the score.