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Reviews for "Fallout 3 Gun Sounds!"


Nice and for the guy below me: bullets are free never heard of the trade glitch -sigh-

oh i love it

so many bullets wasted... those bullets arent free u supposed to know that!!! haha j/k

this is a list of all Fallout 3 wepons

(rare wepons like vengence are not in this) bb gun 10 mm sub/suppresed/pistol 32. mag 44. mag lincon's repeater FAT MAN/experamentel MIRV alien blaster laser pistol/rifle gatling laser plasma pistol/rifle tesla cannon flamer heavy incinarator masmradon (get from slavers) hunting rifle assult rifle chinese assult rifle chinese pistol missile lancher frag/plasma/pulse granades/mines pipe sledge/super sledge chinese sowrd bottlecap mines rock it lancher deathclaw gantlet shiskebab guss rifle trench/combat/normal knife minigun leaver action rifle nail board sniper rifle combat shotgun sawed-off shotgun god i cnnnot finnish somone else do this pleasssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Subject: gun game

i like to nuke megaton!

too bad u didnt use fook2 fallout 3 overhaul kit

thne so many gun sounds fro u toy wiht but stil awsome