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Reviews for "How to Hook Up the NES"

Ah, memories!

That pretty much summed it up. In retrospect, I question why we even went through the hassle of it all.

dude, i totally remember doing that

This was really great. I totally remember doing that with my NES. Having to stuff other game cartridges and whatever to keep the game i wanted to play down.
Your art and animation was really smooth. Nice job!

Awesome man.

Does anyone else find it funny that we all played the NES waaaaay before the internet came along (at a mass market level) and yet we ALL DID THE SAME THINGS? I mean... how did that happen without the internet as a source for tips and tricks to get the thing running? I was 5 years old when I was playing the NES and I was doing the same crap. Weird right?

Any who, great animation, awesome nostalgia.


The old sticking another cartridge in the NES to hold the one you're currently playing trick. Probably the thing I can relate to most of all.

That was crazy.

I got a real kick from this flash,i loved the concept of it with it showing all the effort it took to hook up and play the NES,the animation was awesome and overall i enjoyed this flash very much.