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Reviews for "How to Hook Up the NES"

Lol... ol' times

Those darn game decks were a pain... great vid 5/5 voted


I used to do that shit


So much memories passing through my head just now... I loved this flash!



I love this flash! it made me laugh hard in many parts!

animation 10/10
the animation was very smooth and good, but not too smooth, nice job!

hilarity 10/10
seeing the hopeless bunny guy trying to get the NES to work was hysterical, seeing him confused and stressed, perfection.

content 10/10
its great you managed to provide great humor, and keep it an E! brilliant!

overall score 10/10
a great funny flash suitible for all ages, i highly recommend it to other people, and i will recommend it to my friends. :)


So true, god i remember doing all that with the nes, excellent animation :D