Reviews for "Flute"


it reminds me when i was on my acid trip lol

Great Collab

Even though im more of a blamer i think this one is good congrats.(all though you need to get a better voice for the start)


it was really very talented and a great collab. I personall didn't like the story, music, or anything about the content. I felt it was all too obvious and not particularly enlightening. However I think that on a diffrent story or with a bit more thought this collab you have going could be something great.


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Very good movie!

Really excellent job!

Animation was definitely the strongest point. Some powerful frame by frame animation and some great backdrops! Really, without those visuals, this would be probably just a big piece of junk...

...if it wasn't for that sound! I loved the flute in it, with a nice beat-boxing kind of a style in the middle! So congrats on that!

And the story? Yes, I know this is probably what'll keep your movie from reaching the top of the newgrounds charts, but it's actually pretty good. After I watched it for a bit, I got the point, and it was a fine point, indeed. However, not everyone's gonna' get it...at all, and that's what worries me. That's the one factor that keeps this a 9.

Overall, a solid flash! I hope to see more from you guys in the future!
5 outta' 5 and 9 outta' 10.
Great Job!