Reviews for "Flute"


crude, freaky animation coupled with a no-purpose plot... Plus the mic/room you recorded in made the sound quality pretty terrible. Lots of area to improve in all spectrums but I can see you making something pretty good in the near future.

Aw I completely understand

I know a lot of kids that feel that way. They go into their dream to escape the reality of where they're at, but they can't stay long because the abuser gets angry for having your head in the clouds. You have to be out of it in time so they don't catch you dreaming of something better. The part where the child rewound back into reality really hit home with me. My sister verbally and physically abused me because she was jealous of my dreams and my artistic musical talent, so she would try to beat it out of me and hurt it out of me. So, I would find a place where I could escape from her, but if she ever caught me, I'd have never heard the last of it. It's not necessarily child abuse, but it's more than enough experience to understand to a degree. Anyway,
I liked the beat boxing part alittle bit because it was such a nice touch, especially with the flute in the background. The crowd was nicely drawn and over all, I really liked this. Though, it's unfortunate the child had to be in trouble at the end. :( It wouldn't be accurate without it...
Good job.

Pretty good

But also quite easily acid trip material


i think without the beatboxing in the beginning, and the bad cheering sound from the crowd, it could have been better. very nice sounds other than that, and superb drawing.

it's nice!

it's nice that the graphic is smooth, and with the music, it's alive!
but during the little green stuff playing flute on stage, it would be better if the colors coming out from the flute color the audience, it sure will be better!