Reviews for "Flute"


geras man patiko :)


I liked the concept, but you didn't really deliver it that well.
And that's not how you play a flute... sorry

No complaints

sounds kinda like someone just screwing around with the ocarina on zelda: ocarina of time to me though. Inventive animation. I like

I wish ppl would think before they write a review

It was great, I'm a musician myself, playing sax, flute, clarinet and a little piano and singing.

I liked the animation, it was different and expressive, just like music. the concept was awesome.

Flute is the most difficult and I like the beatboxing flute you used, for those of you who dont know who he is, go look him up on YouTube, he beatboxes WHILE playing the flute.


It were ok... I kinda liked it....