Reviews for "Flute"

very nice animation

i like the story that it told
also the fluidity of the animation through all the transitions and even that camera rotation made it all the better
10/10 You've earned it

Wow! WOW! WOW!

I am speechless.
Deep breath!
The raw colors!
The complex animation!
I loved every second of it!

I really liked it.

I'm suprised I forgot to review this, I saw it upon its release and thought it was pretty sweet. Anyway, I love the experimental theme displayed in this flash, it is fun to process the images and try to figure out what is occuring, somewhat like a game. The plot was difficult to follow, but your great animating abilites made up for that. I liked the part when the character was jumping on everything the best.

For your first collaboration, I thought this turned out extremely well. I love the music, plus the ending is cool since the character has to backtrack and go where he previously was. The flute part was also really cool. In case you were wondering, I actually posted this in the treasure hunt thread, I didn't want cool work like this to go unnoticed. Anyway, keep up the excellent work everyone!


well, thats acid for ya

Very imaginative and good.

Very good and even a bit cute but i think that it should have,at the start,give you a better description of what the boy is like,if his dad is always mean etc......
Next time even try adding a bit of comedy or something.I enjoyed watching this.