Reviews for "Flute"

Very articulate.

It was like his imagination aloud him to escape the deadly grips of reality. Or at least thats how I interpret it. I love it.

Loved it

This was one awesome flash,i was blown away by the animation it looked too cool and the music went great with the video,overall i was very tripped out by all the random madness this flash had to offer so i think you deserve a 10 my good man,great job.


its ok i guess


I must say, this was quite simply, great. Though I try to grasp the story, something just doesn't come through. Nevertheless, the music was very well expressed (nice beatboxing), and the flute solo reminded me of the Mario theme song. Nice flow and great change of art techniques throughout. 9.


this video is alot like my life
your parents dont apreciate wat you do
no matter how great it is
but every one else does