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Reviews for "GOBTRON"

Original and fun.

You've created a great game here, very interesting idea. Excellent balance of power-ups, difficulty, and variety. It's really the perfect storm of a game. I have no complaints other than a glitch I encountered on the second to last level. I used the mystery morph power, and sometime during it, the enemies just stopped coming, and one rocket-copter was left on the screen, but it doesn't damage me, and I can't damage it. Thus I'm at a stand still, and had to close the game. No big deal I guess because of the saving method, just thought you should know it's there. Really good work guys, it was a pleasure to play your game.

JuicyBeast responds:

In fact, we've noticed this glitch while re-playing the game on NewGrounds and we're working on it now ^^
Thanks alot for your comment, it's really useful!!!


I loved the crap out of this game. The only problem was that it glitched on the last level just before I won. (I lost) I could only use the cannon which, of course, wasn't enough to take down the UFOs.


This would be an addicting game for the ipod.

Disgusting (and that's a good thing)

Let's see... good graphics, good animation, flawless gameplay, detailed upgrades shop, originality... yep, this is pretty much everything I look for in a game and more. Well programmed, well animated, and well thought-out overall. Kudos to the whole (yet little) Juicy Beast team for their first submission. We can definetly look forward to some more great games from Juicy Beast!

perfect game

i especially love the ending, since i was wonder what those were.

So congratulations, there are few bad things i can say about this game, its console worthy.

Also the music! With old video game sounds (I belive i heard something similar too the Joe and Mac 2 theme. ;) ) the music was fantastic. As for issues i had, the volume on this game was higher than my itunes and has no option to mute.