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Reviews for "GOBTRON"


Unique idea, challenging gameplay, but worth playing and addictive. I completed it in the end. ;) Maybe you could make the cursor auto grab the snot after firing because it is really hard to control that thing. Dragging the snot is a pain. ;X. Not really repetitive gameplay because of the theme change. If you get owned cause of noobish-ness thus whining and giving low score i suggest you go off and play Barney and Friends instead.


It's got good graphics and cartoon animation but I mean couldn't you've thought of something better; squatting little people with a bogey!? And since that's the only thing you can do (throw a bogey) after a few minutes it gets repetitive and boring.


addictive but I'm stuck on the egypt stage when the huge dudes are introduced, admittedly cuz of my own sucktatude, yet letting me spend the copious amounts of DNA I've accumulated might help me passed this...


and i really really really would love to know what the music in the background is

fun at first but gets boring fast

way too easy and it got boring after the fifth wave