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Reviews for "Crotchless Chaps"


This video kept me well entertained throughout the whole thing. It wasn't anything too emotionally jerking or intesnse, but it was a nice, relaxing, entertaining submission that i'm probabaly going to watch a few times over.

Holy crap!!!

Biff.....you took a lot of crap for your How to succeed video's. You really kicked them all in the balls with this proving what you really can do. Not only that but you used wit and fresh stuff that haven't been seen on this site and now that its here I'm sure will be repeated. Thanks for the flash. Regardless how long or little it site on top of the portal. It earned a spot up there. Nice work.

I usually hate "guy humor", but this...

...was pretty cool. Kept me in stitches. Great work & great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing it! :-) WOOOT!

Ha, caught it.

I don't know how many people saw it, but sometimes, when they talk, they have the cat smile. You know, :3. That.

By the way, great flash! :D


Dude that was awsome.