Reviews for "Crotchless Chaps"


Im giving a ten for the graphics and animation.
Howeverm the whole lady gaga thing was kinda dumb.

Dude, That Was Awesome

I read the Author Comments before watching it, and had to watch it with my mom standing over my shoulder. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Nice quality, okay music, very funny, and overall a great way to waste time.

that was pretty damn funny

the ending with the funky b***lovin was hilarious. the animation was fantastic, the msuic wasn't top-notch, but it was totally fitting. and the fire sauce packets WILL ignite your butthole like the dude says.

The best video ever

This may be the best video ever made.

10 stars!

Queen Latifa's Queaf, Batman, where can I buy a pair?

Quickly Robbin, to the eBat!

I watched with my mum in the room. She laughed. That's pretty hard to do. But the warning is takn into advisement!

Congratulations, you now have AIDS # AND an additonal 5 vote. Well done! Great scripting!