Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"

gambit ftw

gambit is one of my favorite characters and now johnny cage!!! dude i love u :D
u picked all my heros!!!

Pure Awsomeness

This Made Me WOW!
everything in this animation was perfectly done, i really enjoyed it.
Too Bad Remi Or (Gambit) Died, He Was awsome!
Looking forward to more from you!!


Fo Zizzle Dude!


I loved the first episode and didnt think it was possible for a sequel to shine like this but it did. Great on everything.


Usually dont like these sorts of sprite fighting flashes.
But I stayed with it to watch the whole thing, and I have to give you kudos for actually trying to put more of a story in there than other sprite flashes. And with voicework too!
The story is a little dry and a little cliche at times, but it works great. I did think that Remy sounded a little hamy sometimes though