Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"

Epic Fight

A few things I want others to know. One, never liked Gambit, too dark, even in the comics. Two, never knew Jon's name until Episodes One and Two. Three, that was pure adrenaline rush! If Gambit in the comics had this kind of power, he wouldn't be getting his rear handed to him by every other badguy, Juggernaut included.


This is one of the best flash Fights I have ever seen! Gambit was always my favorite X-men and this.... Well... Thats both awesome as hell and some pretty frightening stuff. I hope to see much more work of this caliber from you!

all this 3 episodes i thinked mk is better

than all themm but in your looking wich is the better?

Sweet Jesus...

I will never look at Gambit the same way again. That's just scary.

this is fantastic

just a thought, but it would be sweet to see Talbain take on Wolverine. just sayin.