Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"


No way this didn't make front page!


If only Marvel Vs. Capcom was like this.

ALmost perfect...

Gambit's name is Remy Lebeau, not Bordreaux or whatever you said. as a psychotic Gambit fan that cost you 5 stars. cant help it. my nerd rage took over.

beyond that it was frakin awesome.

R1665 responds:

If you were truly a psychotic Gambit fan, then you would know that "LeBeau" is the family name of the Thieves Guild. Had he been raised by the Assassin's Guild, as this version was, his family name would be "Boudreaux".

Marius Boudreaux would be his adoptive father rather than Jean-Luc LeBeau and Bella Donna Boudreaux would be his adoptive sister.

Now, which one of us seems to know their shit more? *Raises hand*



i hope the wolf kills that motherfuckr!

Awsome video

man i was so freaked out when i saw these vids but after this one your a god to me bro please continue your work gambit is my favorite character of all times awsome story following the exiles keep it up please