Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"

A masterpiece!

As of today, the VG exiles own newgrounds! , as i said on ur message box man, simply outstanding work , i cant wait for the next load of action, only wish i could help ya out in someway, wether it be voice acting, or some music contrubition to your work, it be an honour to be involed somehow :)

Again awsome stuff m8!


It was ok... Not the best I've seen and even tho Gambit is my favorite X-man it was very one sided... Enjoyed it to begin with but after watching the same moves, flashy effects and all the noise used over and over again it just got boring. If it was short and sweet with a good narative then I would probably given it a way higher score... But definite talent and will be watching.

Johnny Cage Wins Fatality

lolzolzolzozl that was great ;)


i must say i really enjoyed all of this the voices the fight every keep doing what you doin

10* for the action, -5 for the boring plot

You should stick to action, not a big fan of Fan fiction, but you did an awesome job with the battle scenes