Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"

Pretty good

I honestly can say this was pretty good the only thing that killed this entire flash for me was Gambits voice, at first it sounded good, but the more lines he had to say the more he started to sound like Bobby Booshay or whatever from the Water boy and that i did not like the voice actor could've took some time to say the lines but some lines he sounds foreign not even from Louisiana just plain bad, the whole flash movie was fantastic, the fact that you involved everything from background sprites to bringing them up and either having them fight and defend themselves or plainly dying, Voice acting wise could have been better but still a good movie

OKAY! Im convinced.

BAD...ASS. Only words that can be used. Your sprite animation is flawless, your creative gift for fight scenes....amazing. YOu have taken my 10/10 for this week, and my 5/5 vote. YOU...FUCKIN....ROCK. AND Im adding you as a fave author, AND Im gonna make sure every buddy of mine that loves sprite anims (quite a few on yahoo) sees this. ROCK ON DUDE! MAKE MORE! YOU GOT THE STUFF!


Gitmo is closed! O-man shut that shit down 2 weeks after he was elected you sillies!

R1665 responds:

It's closed on our world. Still open on 6013-1226.



Well, it's

a really nice video, You spent a lot of time on every scene, and the storyline, ofcourse.
It's a shame though, that Gambit died, and even a bigger shame that We didn't even get to see how, but never the less, this deserves a 10.


you excellent use of multiple action characters, fight scenes, character voices and somewhat reallistic situations all came together for an incredible show. Only thing to complain about is th ending, on when people were talking, there was no movement.

all around i still rate it a nine