Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 2"


I have to say, this series is by far the most interesting to me out of anything else on Newgrounds. I will be here to watch this series for as long as you will be here to make it. The story is excellent.
I like how you have given yourself as much room as you want to be creative. Your choice of music was great and it goes with the action damn near perfectly.
I would like to ask you, as I am curious, did you make the fight and choose music after, or did you pick a song and craft the action around it?
The hand-drawn segments are great. I can't wait to see where you will take this series.
I can't think of any suggestions for improvement. It's just perfect as is.

I wait with much anticipation for the next episodes.

R1665 responds:

I chose the song beforehand and built the fight around it.


Caught me

I was just going to watch this to see how the fight scene was, but then when I saw the dead x-men in the beginning I literally made me go watch the first one


Man, dat wat f@#$ing extreme..... no shit

johnny cage wins...fatality!

XD that really was at least the 2nd funniest bit in this epic fight flash. first was watching everyone dying not knowing what the hell just happened. Yeah...Kinda got remy syndrome...>:3


I have one question. Where are you finding the special effects, especially the Wolf Howl? Thanks.

R1665 responds:

I get my special effects from a wide range of sources. Mostly PC games. The wolf howl was directly recorded by myself from the game Bloody Roar: Primal Fury.