Reviews for "Ozy's Masterstroke"

You know what?

I could actually see how that would work! The Billy Mays scene was the funniest though

was that newspaper page

seriously in latin?

zappawadda responds:

a capite ad calcem


This was truly hilarious and should've happened.

ok the main clip is not bad

the extra clip was so damn funny its not even funny......ok that didnt make sense but, so did the so called plot twist of dumbledor dying. he said he would soon by the upcoming even so what did you expect what was gonna happen in the next movie? harry finally the brave man he once clame to be? No, because harry still sucks.......but this clip doesn't, i give clip four dying breath of dumboldor out of five. As much as this looks like a copypasta, you deserve more than a 9. Which is 10. yes.

Mr Manhatten

Hes so awsome^^
makes that thing which michel dreamed of
RIP Micheal Jackson :(