Reviews for "Ozy's Masterstroke"

:O Insane, including HP 6

Genius :') !~

How did you think all that up :O The connections are so well done!
He was - ...


lmfao for like 3 mins. :) Good on you mate.


u forgot one of the orginal charlies angels died on that day also.

funny though i liked the easter egg

poor billy mays he was my favorite commercial guy and micheal jackson was my favorite singer R.I.P

Good flash

I like the tie in to recent events and pop culture. Mayes was amazingly well placed in there. The down is that Michael Jackson's scene was dramatically cheaper in quality than the rest of the film, but the other characters didn't move as much and so you probably shifted priorities. Typically a weak choice in animation. The ending also feels tacked on. Not for lack of blue penis, but for lack of reason. I understand the album sales fixing the economy, but why do the moon walk (cute pun) to mourn a friend? In any case, it was funny and definitely made a passing score. I even throw the extra star in there because the articles were well constructed.


Despite the fact Obama was pictured and not Nixon, it was awsome, though I was expecting Micheal's ranch to blow up instead lol.